About us

Mintra Home supplies highest quality plastic products to customers all over the world, regardless whether you work in the retail trade or in the catering industry. We offer plastic household items in interesting colors, attractive design and based on the use of innovative technologies, which allow for example the making of a breakage-resistant plastic. All our products are carefully designed to improve the food preparation process and to maintain the highest standards. All kitchen accessories, storage containers, mugs, bowls, trays and a wide selection of plates are easy to use and store. BPA-free, safe, with the possibility of using in a dishwasher.

Mintra Home is everything you need in terms of high quality combined with an attractive price. We care about maintaining relationships and services at the highest level, guaranteeing at the same time full professionalism and very fast development of our products.

ARGO SA is a business company operating in Poland, Central and Eastern Europe since 1990. It’s business ventures ARGO SA has started in 1991, first as Foreign Affairs Bureau ARGO. In the first period the company specialized in laminating machines and laminating pouches, but in time ARGO’s offer was completed by chosen devices and supplies for document’s binding, shredders and laminated plastic cards in the standard of credit cards. In the year 2000 the Plastic Cards Division was separated and formed a new company – Argo Card Sp. z o.o.

ARGO SA is a leader on the Polish document’s lamination and binding market. The company has two branches in Poland – in Gdańsk and in Warsaw, as well as a chain of Commercial Partners all over Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, Estonia, Portugal, Slovenia,Hungary and Romania.

ARGO SA’s offer contains:

– professional shredders
– laminating machines and laminating pouches
– binding and thermal binding machines along with a wide range of colourful covers, plastic and wire binding combs
– devices to cut and format papers: guillotines, trimmers, cutters
– office equipment: money detectors, punchers, identification, corner rounders, first aid cabinets, key cabinets, etc.

Moreover ARGO SA is the manufacturer of Galerii Papieru® products – colour sheets, visit cards and labels, which allow the composition of a colourful visual identification and is the exclusive distributor of the newest inprinting technology on metal and special materials Grawerton® 

From 2016, the company is also the exclusive distributor of Mintra products. Mintra brand offers school and office items such as notebooks and folders made of environmental friendly materials. Recently, we have expanded our offer with the highest quality household items. The assortment has been joined by safe and BPA-free storage containers, mugs, bowls, flower pots and a wide selection of plastic plates.